Cure Cabin Fever with “Stay at Home” Discounts and Build Your New Website

With many states ordering people to “stay at home,” why not build a new website? Drastic times call for drastic measures. Have you been laid off from work or not able to work due to the Coronavirus restrictions? Are the “cute puppy” and “what-I-did-during-my-lockdown” videos getting old yet? Why not start a new online business?…

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Upgrade Your Web Hosting Before It Gets Expensive

web hosting

If your website is offline, no one can buy from you One of the biggest growth problems facing internet businesses today has been the web hosting framework your website is built on. When you get started money is tight and you probably start out with an economy-style platform. As you add more content and get…

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New Business Ideas for Your “What’s Next”

Generating new business ideas

Now is the perfect time to start a new home-based business Looking for new business ideas for your next business? I’m sure you’ve heard of the latest global catastrophe that is poised to stop the world economy. Many employees have been sent home as their places of business gather more than 10 people at a…

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Start Your New Online Business in 2020

A starting line image encouraging someone to start an online business in 2020

With 2020 upon us, now is a great time to start a business So you’ve worked hard for the past few years and you finally have some money saved for your online business. In some circles, this is just the balance of your savings account. But to you, this is called seed capital. Why? Because…

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How to Choose the Right Web Builder for Your Business

Your Website Needs Decide Which Web Builder is the Best for Your Business If you are in business for yourself or going into business for yourself, getting results is the number one task at hand every day. Your website also needs to get results and convert visitors into business. With many different web builders to…

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How to Choose a Domain Name for your Next Business

Choosing a Domain Name is the First Step to Building a Successful Business and Brand When the internet was young, it was easy to choose a domain name for your business. There was once a company called which had a great domain name. It was pretty easy to figure out what they did. They…

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